Providing OTC Market Access for Illiquid Digital Assets



Investors will be remunerated from their illiquid digital assets more easily.


Risk Diversification

The structure being offered provides deleveraging of their position.


Asset Transformation

We can change the nature of the investment to better match what the investor wants.

We harness our network of institutional and private investors to facilitate:

Benefits For Primary Investors

Secondary investors gain privileged access to vetted, high-quality projects.

Benefits For Secondary Investors

Structured Products

We offer total return swaps with some exotic components.

Fully Funded Swap (Vanilla)

Full notional amount of the swap is paid at inception by the secondary investor.

Primary investor partially finances the notional amount thus gets remunerated with the funding rate.

The final settlement is dependant on the performance of the token once public. Both counterparties share risk and PnL.

Total Return Swap (Financing)
Barrier Payoff (Exotic)